30th Rally 26th and 27th March 2011

Saturdays Flying-

Not the best weather, with heavy rain and wind forcast, but by 10am it had stopped raining, leaving us with just the wind.

The advertising in the Local paper worked, with a good number of spectators throughout Saturday.
The number of pilots was well down on expectation, with many cancelling due to the weather.

Two local club pilots were flying, Brendon and Myself, and three out-of-town pilots, Brian from Wanganui and Wayne and Julie from Rotorua

Brian had forgotten his radio transmitter – luckily Doug had his, so we soon bound Brians planes to Dougs TX and away we wnd, with Brian getting several flights on the extra and one on the olympia.

Brendon did several flights with the old favorite “Fun 51″ and the 80” Yak

Show stopper was Wayne from Rotorua, doing several flights with his TREX 700 Heli, wowing the crowd.
Wayne also did a bit of FPV (First Person View) with his QUAD, partner Julie acting as spotter and calling out height and heading information (as its very hard to tell what the Quad is doing when flying FPV)

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