New Toy

Not sure what happend at the club today, I couldnt make it, looking after the kids (sick wife)

So built a Quad (built two in total this weekend)

Its the same frame as Brendon, same motors, same props, but the controller is mounted under the frame. leaving an open area on the top to make a gear plate, to hold the battery and camera. The other diference is I am running the KKuk V4.5 software, where as Brendon is running the Minsoo Kim V1.5 The KKuK V4.5 is certainly not as refined and has a few issues during wind gusts.

Test flew it at home (20ft by 30ft space) and it went OK, the yaw controll is diferent to the Tri, thats for certain.

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The Tri is a Forklift , the Quad is a Tank

By that , i mean, thats how they fly, Yaw control on the QUAD, naturally, spins it around its centre (like a TANK)

The Tri’s yaw response is way different, it spins around the centre of the two front motors (like a rear-stear forklift)

the Quad also makes more of a fuss when it YAWS as its changing the speed of 4 motors, the tri just subtly changes the rear prop angle.

Over all I dont know which I prefer yet, the quad is the only one I can hover at home, the Tri takes more space

I really think I need to try a Y4 for comparison

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